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Create Your Very Own Mantra

“Mantras are energy which can be likened to fire. Fire can cook your lunch or burn down the forest.”
- Unknown

A mantra is a short group of reaffirming words that can help center your mind and transform your life. Words have power BUT you have the power to choose the words you speak to yourself.

Choose positive, affirming, inspiring words as your life mantra! Words have power. Words can inspire us to achieve our greatest potential or words can awaken our biggest fears.

Some examples of mantras include:

* I am strong and I can get through this.
* I can create the life of my dreams.
* I am smart enough to solve this problem.
* I am a survivor.

Suggestions for creating a mantra:

Find a quiet space where you can freely think
Write down the positive thoughts your core being tells you
Summarize your words into a short powerful statement
Tell yourself daily these positive words and feed your spirit as needed.


“Grow like a flower and don’t get squished.”

-- Caroline

“Genius is patience. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. You can’t run away from your own feelings.”

-- Katelin, 12 years old

“Life is like lemonade: some is sweet and some is sour. Always remember to try and fill your lemonade glass.”

-- Camille, 14 years old

Light shines brightly in the dark.

-- Rakiim

I have hope. I have dreams. I can do it.

-- K’Lea, 9 years old

I will survive this.

-- Lily

I think I can be a good person.

-- Quarel, 9 years old